5 Sneaky Culprits Of Weight Gain

Most of the time we can pinpoint what causes our weight gain. Whether it’s from obvious overeating or an equally obvious lack of exercise, we typically know the root cause—even if we don’t want to admit it.

But what happens when the scale goes up, and it’s not because of a significant change in your health and fitness regimen?

Surprisingly enough, there are several sneaky culprits of weight gain we all need to be aware of—ones that are all too common in our modern lives. If you’ve experienced the frustration of unexplained weight gain, check out these hidden potential causes, see if they apply to you, and learn how to avoid them.

Culprit 1: Lack of sleep

There are plenty of reasons to get good shut-eye, and enough of it, and avoiding weight gain is certainly one of them. As we sleep, our bodies heal, our hormones regulate, and we are able to recover from daily stresses.

When the body is deprived of sleep, however, it lacks the vital recovery time it needs to function properly. This means you wake up tired, sore, and groggy.

Lack of sleep also makes you crave quick fuel sources—think high carb, especially high added sugar—because you wake up and immediately need a quick energy boost. This lack of sleep is also why you tend to mindlessly snack late at night before bedtime. Being tired and sleep deprived makes you more prone to reach for junk food and more likely to skip the gym.

But let’s say you’re still keeping it together diet-wise and forcing yourself to go to the gym, but somehow you’re still gaining weight. The most likely scenario is your metabolism-regulating hormones are thrown out of whack because they never get the chance to fully reset while you sleep. As a result, the more sleep deprived you are, the higher your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which in addition to increasing your appetite also encourages fat storage.

“It’s not so much that if you sleep, you will lose weight,” says Michael Breus, Ph.D., clinical director of the sleep division for Arrowhead Health Centers in Glendale, Arizona. “But if you are sleep deprived—meaning you are not getting enough minutes of sleep or good quality sleep—your metabolism will not function properly.”[1]

The solution: If you’re consistently cutting too much sleep out of your day, the best thing you can do is…sleep! The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep per night, so if you consistently fall short of this range, go to bed earlier or wake up later.

If your schedule simply doesn’t allow for more sleep, try to rest when you can by taking naps. Also, make sure you prepare healthy snack options just in case you find yourself reaching for a quick energy boost. High-energy foods like fresh fruit and raw nuts provide your body with nutrients and energy to get through your day without sabotaging your progress.

Culprit 2: Diet Drinks/Artificial Sugar

Sugar is public enemy number one these days, and grocery shelves are lined with enough no-sugar-added and sugar-free products to fill a semi truck. But sugar free doesn’t always mean healthy. As it turns out, these sugar-free foods may be more harmful to your fitness efforts than you think.

Studies now show that sugar-free alternatives such as aspartame may actually increase appetite.[2] Artificial sweeteners can be up to 200 times sweeter than regular sugar, so regularly consuming these products skews your taste preferences toward overly sweet foods. This triggers sweetness receptors in the brain to constantly crave sugar, which can make dieting even tougher than it was before.

Sugary drinks

Another dangerous factor of the “diet-drink” phenomenon is the fact that your body tastes sugar and responds to sugar, but doesn’t receive any real sugar. Although there’s no sugar in diet drinks, the sugary taste still signals your body to release insulin to process sugar, and without sugar to process, your body responds by craving even more sugar to give the insulin something to do. Over time, this vicious cycle of excessive insulin output can lead to insulin resistance, weight gain, and even type 2 diabetes.

The solution: Artificial sugars are a concern if you have a habit of eating sugar-free foods and drinking “diet” drinks on a regular basis, so the first and most obvious solution is to avoid all sugars, even artificial ones.

If giving up all sweetness in your life is simply not an option, then try creating your own, low-calorie flavorful drinks. Add berries or pomegranate juice to water, sip green tea with honey, or enjoy naturally flavored seltzer. There are plenty of flavorful options out there, and your taste buds will adjust to these no-sugar options faster than you think.

Bodybuilding, Being freelance and therefore the Importance of coaching Partners

Do you assume additional lifters ought to attempt one thing similar, that means ought to bodybuilders attempt powerlifting and vice versa?

Probably not. believe it, if you wish to play Division one soccer, is it very attending to facilitate if you go play basketball everyday? positive, you’ll withdraw and rejoice and perhaps even have some success, however I doubt the typical person can have constant level of success versus if they solely buckled down and did one factor.

At some purpose a significant lifter very has got to select one or the opposite, cause most of the people simply are not ok to try and do each. In alternative words, most of the people are not Bo Jackson that does not mean that the typical guy cannot take a detour once in a while and steal some concepts, however to surpass one thing you must usually target only 1 goal.

But there area unit positively things bodybuilders and powerlifters will learn from each other, right?

Of course. Train for a muscle building show and you may learn the way your body responds to diet, to completely different exercises, and to volume. The bigger isolation work can seemingly facilitate establish and perhaps even correct some imbalances furthermore.

So will that mean you are going to cause on stage?

No. muscle building possesses to be the foremost disciplined sport within the world; well, if it is a sport in the least. investigate soccer. Sure, you’ve got to observe a day and elevate weights, however at the tip of day you’ll still have a life. In muscle building that is simply not the case. I even have tremendous respect for it cause I positive as hell could not make out. i believe to succeed at something you’ve got to possess each heart (the wish to try and do it) and therefore the discipline (the wish to try and do it even after you don’t need to try and do the work).

How vital is atmosphere to creating best gains? You hear guys talking regarding west exercising weight and EliteFTS like they are these Meccas of strength wherever each serious lifter has got to train at.

It’s not very that vital. Well, I should not say that-it is for the those that let’s simply say area unit “extrinsically intended.” For these style of lifters, atmosphere is extremely vital. however that definitely is not everybody. Granted, if you are going serious and need spotters, clearly it helps to possess old folks around.

What is vital is that your level of expectation is raised; you walk with those that limp, you too can limp. therefore it is not very the atmosphere as folks see it (screaming, “intensity” or but you wish to classify it) however the results of being around sturdy or stronger folks.

And to be told from as well?

Sure. Let American state place it this way: if you are a relative beginner, an honest crew is extremely vital. it might be nice to be able to learn from those that have expertise and may teach/coach that experience; though it is not with words, however with actions. however i might rather haven’t any crew than a foul crew any day of the week. And trust American state, there area unit many turds floating round the punch-bowl of coaching.


If you train raw: that means no gear, no shirts, and walking all of your lifts out, then you do not would like anyone. I trained alone yesterday and had one in every of the simplest workouts that I’ve had in ages. Once you recognize what you are doing, it’s simply a matter of doing the work; being additional regarding action than plastic.


In general, i believe that individuals create an excessive amount of of it, and that i accustomed, as well. currently I hate cheerleaders. i do not would like some asshole yelling at American state to form a elevate. i do know what to try and do. however as I same before, if you recognize nothing regarding coaching it might be smart to possess somebody facilitate guide you.


Are you speech communication you do not got to get abused within the face before each set?


Listen, this can be what I learned. after I was at the University of Arizona and Rob Waldrop, World Health Organization was the Outland Trophy Winner (awarded to the simplest school soccer interior lineman), was squatting. This guy was insanely sturdy. That day he was squatting within the mid-600’s for seven or eight reps, and he was simply obtaining beneath the bar once some child yells, “C’mon Rob, lets go man!”


Rob simply stopped, rotated, and gave the guy this death glare, essentially speech communication, “Would you please shut the f*ck up?” and therefore the whole weight area got whisper quiet. Rob then simply rotated, did his set, and got it done. that is after I completed that if the Outland trophy winner did not would like a bunch of cheerleaders then I did not would like them either.


But you do not assume you could’ve reached a 1000-pound squat coaching on your own, do you?